What Makes Us Innovative?

In 1994, AstroNova, our parent company, introduced the world’s first digital color label printer intended for use by manufacturers, processors, and retailers.

Our printer gave them the ability to print their own full-color labels for foods, beverages, chemicals, cosmetics, dietary supplements, medical devices, and additional products.

Under the TrojanLabel Systems brand name, we led the way with research and development, emerging digital printing technology and graphics software and allowing us to reduce the size of a label press while developing user-friendly variable information.

We also pushed to create label printing systems that could produce affordable, custom labels in short-run batches.

We saw the opportunity to offer end-user manufacturers a tool to print their own affordable custom labels just-in-time; ultimately giving them the opportunity to make more money by printing private labels and cutting costs by avoiding unnecessary purchases and overstocking from pre-printed labels.

At the time, this was perceived as a major challenge to the traditional business model of the label printing industry.

Our innovation was, however, readily accepted when we brought it to market. Now, making labels in-house has become a normal part of a manufacturers’ in-house packaging production process.

Today, we continue to lead the market we created with a full line of on-demand, full-color digital label printers, labels and inks.