TrojanLabel® introduced the first tabletop digital color label printer and continues to innovate labeling solutions specifically for manufacturers and processors who want to print product labels in-house.

We Serve Those Who Need Product Labels:

We specialize in designing label printers for companies that need to make their own product labels. While other labeling companies serve the label industry, we understand the needs of businesses that package their own products or provide contract packaging services for others.

We design and support our software, printers and labels for processors and manufacturers in many industries including: food, cosmetics, chemical processing, dietary supplement, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

TrojanLabel Mission Statement:

Our mission is the get you “The Labels You Want When You Need Them®,” and we consider that a promise. We fulfill that promise by maintaining a rigorous Total Quality Management system and adhering to ISO9001 procedures, directly-employing our technicians and salespeople and training them at our factory.